International transport of complete or partial - groupage cargo

From it's constitution on the 1st January 1996 up to now the company METRA Cont Ltd is occupying itself with international transportation of goods principaly between Spain, France, Austria, Italy and Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine etc.

We are organizing transports of all kind of consignments:

  • palletized,
  • bulk,
  • dangerous goods,
  • oversized,
  • complete truck or partial-groupage cargoes.
Have very rich and long term practise to organize export custom clearance, organize issueing all kind of custom documentary necessary to follow goods and organize direct or intermodal delivery to any possible custom zone in Balcan, Arab or Ex-soviet States.

On behalf of Your call or e-mail we will respond with competetive all in price offer for complete truck cargo or small quantity of some pallets or other packaging units.
One of our everiday trained skill is to decide the nationality of the transport mean, which is extremly important when transport goods outside European community, where states are protecting its transportation market very sharply. The policy of using transport permission is very complicated in several countries and must choose the transporter, who is equiped with adequate transport permissions to carry of a certain transport of bilateral or multilateral goods bargain.